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"Working with Lori has built my confidence in the way I look and feel about myself. I enjoy getting up everyday and I no longer have that feeling of not knowing what to wear. I love how Lori helped me organize my closet and style my outfits together which enlarged my clothing choices from a few outfits to many.  People I work with have noticed a rise in my confidence and how very stylish I look. I highly recommend working with Lori. She is a master at aligning your personal and fashion styles together to make you look and feel your very best. Thank you so much Lori."


Utah, Secretary

(quality, confidence, attractive)


"I cant say enough about how Lori has made me feel more aware of showing up authentically and living the life I love. Understanding my desired image of how       I want to show up everyday has really been exciting.     I felt stuck in my active yoga attire as I am a personal trainer.  With Lori's help I now feel amazing. I can train with my clients in my yoga gear and move on to my fun casual items to hang with friends or attend a meeting with a new client. I feel more confident and love my look that is so me. Thank you so much Lori, you have helped me step out of my box and yoga attire as we explored together all of my options in my closet that I didn't realize I had. You are the best!"


South Carolina, Personal Trainer

(modern, vibrant, approachable)


"Thank you Lori so much for creating my color fan!!! You did such an amazing have such a special way of making one feel good about themselves!!! I wish I had had this done a long time ago...saved myself a lot of expense! I love my colors and I feel so alive and vibrant when I am wearing the correct colors. Thank you!!"


Washington, retired

(sophisticated, attractive, approachable)


"Lori, thank you so much for your styling services!       I have gone from dreading to shop to loving it! Now that I know the styles and colors that are right for me, it gives me confidence. I am not overwhelmed anymore when I walk into a store. I know what to look for and how to add pieces to what I already have to create more wardrobe options. Now when I look in my closet, I know that I will look great in anything I pick out. I love my color palette. It is such a handy tool and I have had many ask how they can get one. I am definitely sending them your way."


Oregon, Banker

(confidence, fun, compassionate)

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