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tyle. Etiquette.


Lori is a Certified Personal Stylist, Certified Etiquette Instructor with the acclaimed Final Touch Finishing School, and the Director of Events for DRES, a national organization of wardrobe stylists. Through workshops and seminars, Lori provides knowledge to enhance women’s understanding of fashion, fit, and

their overall image.

Earning her Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University, Lori's emphasis was Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration. She has worked in the fashion industry for over 30+ years, with sixteen years

of experience in retail management, modeling

and television commercials.   

Speaker. Author.

Lori is an author and speaker on personal image, style and building confidence through adversity.

She has co-authored two books, Beyond DRES Personal Stylists' Secrets to Confidence, and The Power of DRES a Guide to Building a Professional Image and Working Wardrobe.

Lori's passion for fashion and image is a wonderful combination for helping her client's improve their overall appearance and confidence both personally and professionally. Lori teaches that personal style is about finding inner confidence, understanding lifestyle, and being authentic to who you are.

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