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Inspirational Speaker, Lori Goddard-Weed shares such topics as...


Shining Through Adversity with Style

· Reclaiming Your Confidence

· Align Your Personal and  Fashion Style

· How to Take Good Care of You


STYLE: Your Signature Look

· Your Image Speaks For You 

· Your Style, Your Brand

What audiences say when they get to Hang With Lori…
"Hanging with Lori reminds me to Get Up, Dress Up,
Show Up and Never Give Up, because ... I am worth it."
"I never knew I could shine through adversity
until Lori helped show me how."
"Lori taught me how to walk in any room with 
confidence & project my desired image authentically."


Image Is It


Invite Your Audience to HANG WITH LORI today!

Lori Goddard-Weed is an author and speaker on personal image, style and building confidence through adversity. She is a Certified Personal Stylist, Certified  Etiquette Instructor and the Director of Events for DRES. Through Image Is It workshops and seminars, Lori’s gift is providing knowledge to enhance women’s overall understanding of style, fashion, and achieving their desired image.

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Audiences that have recently resonated with Lori's message...

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